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It's a fact -- the right insurance builds a shield of safety and security around your family in their time of greatest need. The wrong insurance is like a house of cards. Leaving your family vulnerable to suffering and hardship.

Shannon understands how important and sometimes confusing it can be to find the right life insurance. She makes the process smooth and easy by helping you:

  • Quickly know what options you qualify for
  • Clarify pros and cons of each policy
  • Find a plan that fits your financial need 
  • Save you time by shopping all available carriers
  • Save you money by finding the best rates
  • Know exactly what you're getting so there are no surprises

I had no idea there was better coverage out there for me. Shannon, you are a gift and a blessing!

Mary R.

A policy for every situation life might
throw at you.

Shannon offers every type of life insurance available... Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life and Annuities. Options are provided by the best A to A+ rated insurance companies only.







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I was sure I wouldn't be able to find coverage because of my age and health. I'm so happy I found you!!!

Vandy L.

What makes working with Shannon so different?

It's all in her informative, no-nonsense approach.

  • No fluff. No salesmanship.
    Just the truth.
  • Advice is backed with facts and reasoning. No vague generalities that leave you guessing.
  • Move forward with confidence. Know you made the right choice.
  • Leave with peace of mind and a plan that shelters your family against life's worst storms.


I'm sick/too old/declined by other companies. Will I even qualify?

Yes. Shannon can help anyone up to 89 years old. Even if you have active cancer or other serious medical conditions -- there is a policy for you.

Other companies gave me quotes that were too expensive. How can I find something more affordable?

Life insurance costs money, but it shouldn't cost more than it needs to. Shannon will shop hundreds of plans to find something affordable for you.

I'm not planning on dying any time soon. Why do I need life insurance?

We hear this all the time and the answer is the same: We hope you don't, but that's not reality.

Delaying the decision only costs you more money in the long run. It also leaves your family vulnerable to suffering.

We aren't here to serve everyone. We are only here to serve men and women who care enough about their family, to put their well-being above all else.

You are never more insurable as you are right at this moment.

Life is full of the unexpected. Too many people make the mistake of waiting to get life insurance. They believe they have time. And then something happens - their family now hung out to dry.

Don't let this painful reality become your legacy.

Protect your family today.